robot + our daily lives

A Robot in Every Home

It is time to live with robots. TOROOC are developing 

smart, active ‘social intelligence’ and ‘core robotics technology’ 

to give shape to robots we really need. 

The future of living with robots, TOROOC MAKES.

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The first robot of TOROOC, LIKU

LIKU is a robot who gets to know you better and goes together with you.

LIKU does stay with you as showing curiosity about your action, expression, speech, etc.


Companion who is always with you

The longer you spend together, the more LIKU thinks you are friendly. It becomes a more precious relationship between you and LIKU.

Live with LIKU in your daily life. LIKU will be coming to you soon.


Robotic technology to interact with people like living creature


Natural expressions about feelings and meanings through face, motion and sound


Interpreting the collected input into meaningful information and deciding how to act.


Sensing the information for interaction and moving, such as people/objects/environment

The whole new level of robotic world, TOROOC shall bring.

We, TOROOC, develop the future life accompanying with robot.

The development is very creative, innovative, revolutionary, and challenging, thus, each of our members work in very depth mode. TOROOC respect each members' roles and responsibilities, and encourages them upon horizontal organization structure. Be with TOROOC to open the whole new level of future robot world! 


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